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Police Offer Their Advice on Mountain Safety

Photo Credit: S Migaj

Tayside Police are offering their advice on enjoying the outdoors this winter now that the colder temperatures are setting in.

They’re suggesting that enthusiasts make sure their gear is winter ready, familiarise themselves with the routes and how to get help out in the wilderness too.

A spokesperson for Tayside Police explained: “What changes are you making to the usual ‘summer’ hill kit to take into account the winter conditions you will face? Extra clothing, extra food, and weather-proofing you pack for example?

“Where do you obtain your information about weather before you considering heading to the hills? Is it a forecast based on ‘urban’ settings or a proper mountain weather.

“Are you carrying equipment to help you in case of an emergency? A 2-person group shelter, a first-aid kit, a whistle and a headtorch with spare batteries for example?”

Anyone who find’s themself needing help up in the hills should phone 999, that’s because they will put people in need in touch with the local mountain rescue team.

Heather Morning, Mountain Safety Advisor for Mountaineering Scotland adds: “The first thing you can do, really importantly, is make sure someone knows where you’re going.

“If you do have an incident on a hill, and you can’t help yourself off the mountain, then you need to dial 9, 9, 9 and ask for police and mountain rescue.”

Tayside Police’s spokesperson added: “Are you heading out too late in the day and trying to fit in too much? Sunset for today is before 4pm and this needs to be thought about.

“Do you friends and family know where you are going and what time you are due to return home?

“Having crampons, an ice axe, a compass and a map are essential…BUT do you know how to use them? The first time you use them for real should NOT be whilst lost, freezing cold or slipping down a snow slope!”

You can find out more information on the weather in the hills on: https://www.mwis.org.uk/

More information on mountain safety can be found on: https://www.mountaineering.scot/

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