Support for Dangerous Ice Available

As temperatures drop and winter sets in, Highland Perthshire is frosting over with ice on paths, roads and curb sides.

With grit boxes placed in communities and push gritters available, the council have options available to help clear ice across Highland Perthshire.

Councillor John Duff said: “The council has an extensive winter maintenance schedule that’s fifteen hundred miles of roads and grits these according to priority.

“As well as it’s snow blowers and gritters, the council has a fleet of pavement gritters with similar priorities. Grit Bins are provided at strategic locations and are refilled on a regular basis.

“But if one needs refilled, call 01738  476476 or go onto our website and search for grit bins and report it online.

“The council can also provide hand gritters and salt to members of the public to grit agreed lengths of the footway network.”

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