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Weather Warning Issued in Highland Perthshire

Photo Credit: Matheus Natan

The Met Office is issuing weather warnings across Scotland with a particular emphasis on heavier weather across Highland Perthshire as a storm sweeps the east coast.

As storm Arwen approaches, they’re warning of snow and issuing both a yellow and amber warning of wind coming into the weekend.

Dan Suri, Met Office Principal Meteorologist, said: “Storm Arwen is associated with a deep low pressure system that will impact the northeast in particular from Friday, but will also bring wider impacts to the UK with high winds, rain and some snow probable over the high ground. 

“Storm Arwen’s impacts are mainly associated with high winds as the storm sinks southwards and will widely bring gusts of up to 65mph in coastal areas, although slightly stronger in the northeast, with in excess of 75mph possible in exposed locations.” 

This means local people should be weary when walking out into the weather as well as on the road too.

A spokesperson for NHS Tayside explained: “The amber warning for storm-force winds is particularly noteworthy, so please take care with any journeys you need to make, particularly in high / exposed areas where, combining the wind with snow, there could be problems (the A9 at Drumochter might be a bit of an adventure), or through forested and wooded areas.

“As always, plan journeys carefully, make sure you’re adequately prepared, and please don’t take unnecessary risks.”

More information on the upcoming forecast can be found on: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/forecast/gfj6e4tps#?date=2021-11-26

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