What do the Level Four Rules mean for Highland Perthshire

Perth and Kinross, alongside the rest of the country (excluding some of the isles), is now under level four restrictions.

These restrictions add much greater limits by eliminating the serving of alcohol, stopping travel in and out of the area and narrowing the scope for activity.

To explain what level four restrictions mean for Highland Perthshire, Heartland has taken it issue by issue.

Socialising Rules

Under these restrictions, people across Highland Perthshire are not allowed to meet in each other’s houses, but people can meet in ‘outdoor and public places.’

People meeting outdoors can only meet up in groups of six with people from two households.

Hospitality Rules

Under level 4 restrictions all hospitality will be closed to customers sitting in, however, alcohol and food can be served as a takeaway.


With level 4 restrictions in place, travel in and out of the area is banned unless for an essential purpose.

There are, however, exemptions which allow essential travel for work, health, education, shared parenting and transit.

Public Services

Under the level 4 restrictions, public services can continue but with a reduced face to face service.

With these restrictions in place, only essential face-to-face services will be available, meaning as many services as possible will be available online.


Under the level 4 restrictions, all ‘non-essential’ shops will be closed within the Perth and Kinross area.

However, click and collect service and outdoor retail are permitted.

Leisure and Entertainment

With the level 4 restrictions in play, all leisure and entertainment are closed.


Under the level 4 restrictions accommodation is limited to essential purposes only, these include the previous exemptions such as tourism.

The same rules for hospitality and socialising apply.

Places of Worship

Under level 4 restrictions, places of worship remain open but to a limited congregation of no more than 20 people.

Life events, Weddings and Funerals

Weddings, civil partnerships and funerals can continue to go ahead, but they are all restricted to 20 people each under level 4.

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