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What to do if you’re over 65 and you haven’t been contacted for the vaccine

Heartland Multimedia has been made aware of locals who are concerned about being missed out for their vaccination and having difficulty getting access to their jabs.

As of March 10, NHS Tayside has vaccinated 44% of the eligible population, totalling at 164,141 people in the health board area.

We contacted NHS Tayside, Highland Perthshire’s representatives, and a local transport organisation to find out more.

Perthshire North MSP, John Swinney, said: “Whilst the rollout of the vaccination programme has been a resounding success, with such a massive undertaking there will regrettably always be isolated cases where individuals fall through the cracks. 

“If any constituent is having difficulty obtaining a vaccine appointment within the publicly-stated timescales, I would invite them to contact my office directly and we will be glad to assist.”

NHS Tayside explained to us “there is a small number of patients who our booking teams have not yet been able to reach in these groups despite best efforts.”

They added: “Anyone aged 65-69 who hasn’t been contacted yet should email tay.c19vaxlocalenquiries@nhs.scot or call 01382 423108.

“This is currently for people aged 65-69 only so please do not call with queries if you are not in this age group.”

Perthshire North MP, Pete Wishart, added: “I am concerned to hear that a small number of people who should have been contacted are still waiting to hear about vaccination. 

“If you are over 65 and you have not yet been contacted about vaccination, you should call 01382 423108. Anyone who is having difficulty with arranging at-home vaccination is welcome to contact my office and I will offer assistance.”

Anyone who is finding difficulty in getting access to their vaccination can also arrange to have their vaccine administered at home.

Dr Daniel Chandler, Associate Director of Public Health with NHS Tayside, said, “I’m delighted we’ve reached this milestone of over 150,000 vaccinations in Tayside.

“To have reached so many people in only four months is a massive achievement and is down to the hard work and dedication of so many people from across NHS Tayside, the health and social care partnerships, our GPs and council partners.

 “In NHS Tayside, we have developed a blended model of vaccination in GP surgeries, care homes, hospitals, community vaccination centres and patients’ own homes, which allows us to adapt and flex depending on the current stage of the programme.”

Anyone who can leave their home but need access to transportation can get in touch with the Upper Tay Transport Group.

They help connect people who need access to transport with drivers, who they’ve equipped with PPE equipment, that can take people on essential journeys.

Development officer, Emma Birtles, said: “Probably the most important thing for any of us at the moment is getting our vaccine.

“So, we have a service to help people get to their appointment, whether it’s a vaccine or any other health centre-based appointment, and a volunteer will help take the person there and back.”

Anyone looking to get in touch with the Upper Tay Transport Group can phone: 07388 236233Alternatively, people can visit: http://uttg.org.uk/

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