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Who can get the Vaccine?

Hundreds of vaccine supporters to promote booster jab across England

This week, COVID measures are changing with a revised self-isolation period, a new Tayside drop-in centre location and updated booster criteria.

The first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, announced this week that self-isolation for Scots is reducing down to 7 days instead of 10.

NHS Tayside is also opening their doors to their new ‘Perth Central’ drop-in centre which is offering doses of the vaccine.

And now, 12 to 17-year-olds can attend a drop-in clinic for their first dose or for their second dose as long as it has been 12 weeks since their first dose.

Calling on Scots to take COVID tests as the Omicron variant spreads, the first minister said: “The safest thing to do at this stage is treat a positive lateral flow test as confirmation of Covid.

“This allows us to maximise testing capacity and ensure a speedier start to the process of contact tracing and advice.”

At the moment, anyone over the age of 12 can get their first or second doses of the vaccine at a drop-in centre or through an appointment.

A spokesperson for NHS Tayside explained: “The aim is to get as many people as possible vaccinated against COVID-19 as quickly as possible. This will drive infections to the lowest level possible, particularly as a significantly more infectious and faster spreading strain has developed.

“The vaccine is not mandatory, but NHS Scotland strongly recommends you get the vaccine when offered it.”

Here is an explanation from NHS Tayside on who can get the booster jab:

Over 18s

If you are aged 18 or over, and it has been 12 weeks since your second vaccination, you can book an appointment for your booster at www.nhsinform.scot/vaccinebooking or 0800 030 8013, or visit your nearest drop-in centre.

At-risk groups

People aged over 16 who have a long-term health condition such as heart, lung or kidney diseases, are an unpaid carer or live with someone who is immunosuppressed, can now book an appointment at www.nhsinform.scot/vaccinebooking or 0800 030 8013, or visit your nearest drop-in centre.  Boosters can be given a minimum of 12 weeks since your second dose.

Severely immunosuppressed

Adults aged 16 or over with a severely weakened immune system are being offered a third primary dose. They will also be offered a booster dose to extend the protection from previous doses. The booster dose can be given at least 3 months (12 weeks) after your third primary dose.  You can book an appointment at www.nhsinform.scot/vaccinebooking or 0800 030 8013.

Housebound patients

Those who are housebound have been called directly by our vaccination teams to arrange a suitable time for a home visit. Both the COVID booster and flu vaccines will be given at the same appointment if eligible.  If you have not been contacted for an appointment please call 01382 423108.

You can find out more information on the vaccine in Tayside on: https://www.nhstayside.scot.nhs.uk/YourHealthWellbeing/PROD_345323/index.htm

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