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Young People Asked to Have their Say on Pitlochry This Weekend

The Pitlochry Community Action Plan is encouraging young people to have their say about the future of the town.

The Fishers Hotel is providing the group with a room in the hotel where 12 – 17 year olds can drop in anytime to share their vision for the future between 11 am and 1 pm on Saturday 22nd January.

Judith Dingwall, a volunteer with the CAP, said: “We feel it is particularly important for us to get the views of the young people, specifically aged 12-17, to add strength to the case that we need more for them.

“They have had opportunity through the school to contribute but we are thinking that we could open up another way for their voices to be heard.”

The community action plan is looking to link up groups in the community, hear local views and discuss the future of the town to help make it a better place for locals.

They’ve already handed out a community survey, and now they’re examining the results, to hear what local people think could change to make Pitlochry more rewarding for locals.

Now they want to hear the input of local young people since their views will determine the direction of the town’s future.

Judith Dingwall added: “We intend to supply donuts, sausage rolls, hot chocolate and juice and a chance for kids to swing by with their pals and write on post-it notes about what would improve their experience growing up in Pitlochry.

“Please can you share this with all young people and let them know they are so important in shaping our future. Much appreciated.”

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