Dunkeld and Birnam CC Minutes 12th Oct 2020

Community Council Ordinary Meeting – 12th October 2020 – Minutes

Present: Stuart Paton, Stewart Pritchard, Andrew Cave, Calum Martin, Chris Claydon, Helen Taylor, Lachlan MacEwan (co-opted to the Council), Councillor Grant Laing, Councillor Anne Jarvis
Members of the public present: Alistair Smith and Ramsay Beattie (Heartland FM), Laura Graham.

Minutes of the last meeting – approved -with one addition to the attendees – Caroline Robinson
Co-option of Lachlan MacEwan onto the Community Council – As all the paperwork has been submitted to PKC – Lachlan duly co-opted to the Community Council.
Treasurer’s Report –
Council treasurer’s account – £457.37
Small community grants account £11,761 – orchard cheque might be still outstanding. Some of the money in the Grants account is normal SSE Griffin fund (around £2,500 – £3,000), some SSE Covid grant funds and some for defibrillators.
Road Safety Update – Andrew circulated a road safety sub group draft paper. The paper listed a number of successes that the CC has had in road safety issues and identified a number of key issues – the top ones being:
The Telford Bridge
Speed and HGVs through the village
Parking issues of all sorts around the village
Footpaths/cycle paths.
Chris Claydon also brought up the issue of campervans parking in the North End Carpark. Laura Graham explained that the Park4Night app is promoting this car park as suitable for 20 campervans – and free with toilets. We agreed that there were things that we could do to try to tackle this. Stuart to speak to PKC to see what can be done with Parking warden and signage. We discussed some points of clarification but realised that as none of us have had sufficient time to properly digest the content of the paper we realised that we should put off any discussion for the next meeting. It was agreed that people should send comments to Andrew in advance of the next meeting. Andrew will do the Bridge article this month to promote the project and encourage more input from the community.

Chris going to do a noticeboard audit and report back to the next meeting.

Matters arising and subject updates
Policing – Steve Band sent out a report – a variety of calls to the police over the last month. One reported theft at the Forest and Land Scotland premises at Inver – with power tools stolen. Crime reference 25944/20
Calum mentioned that there had been graffiti at the school and at the Rec Club. It has been reported to the Council who are tackling the graffiti at the school. We will need to inform the Police and Stuart will check out the Rec Club graffiti.

Environment/Planning –
Partly in retrospect – Erection of an agricultural building and silo – 20/01072/FLL – https://planningapps.pkc.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?keyVal=QEP6YKMKLA600&activeTab=summary
The meeting considered this proposal and felt that it was in a very poor location and that we should send a comment to the Planners highlighting this and suggestion that an alternative location should be considered.

20/01243/FLL | Part change of use from car park to outdoor seating area, erection of a building to form an outdoor kitchen/bar, formation of a vehicular access and associated works (in part retrospect) | The Taybank – https://planningapps.pkc.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=QG51QYMKM4R00 – we discussed the impact on the parking resource in the village that the loss of 10 parking spaces. Agreed to send a comment which reflected our understanding about the need for businesses to manage the Covid crisis, but reflecting our concern about the reduction in parking and the knock on impact that this will have on the already stressed public parking in the village.
Chris reminded Stuart about the Community Archive lit screen – Stuart will get back in touch with them to request that they reduce the impact of the lighting by limiting the times that the screen is on. Chris has been in touch with the Planners about this and will feed back to Stuart on this.


PH8 Group – Chris asked who were members of the group and expressed concerns about accountability. Stuart explained that they are recruiting a community connector role to take on the engagement with the local community to establish what the issues are and what to take forward. Calum explained that the process is all about trying to understand the community, so it is a real bottom up process and the community action plan is not for the PH8 people to decide, they want to reach out to get those voices who are not heard. Lachlan explained that he had been asked twice if he was interested in getting involved but then has heard nothing. Calum will take this back to the group and sort it out. Calum explained that it is still early days with any Community Plan, and that it is all about listening and talking to people just now. Anyone who is interested in getting involved is encouraged just to get in touch.

End of main meeting

Griffin Grants

Griffin Windfarm Main Fund – Helen reported that the November Panel will consider applications from Dunkeld and Birnam CIC, and three applications from Aberfeldy based groups. And there will be an initial application for a large grant from Dunkeld and Birnam Sports and Leisure Hub. Helen has registered a conflict of interest with the Sports Hub one.
Griffin Micro grants – We considered one ‘pre’ application from the Dunkeld and Birnam co working space – who are looking to set up a Dunkeld Online shop – and are considering applying for funds to pay someone to help people get set up on this platform. While we felt that the idea of an online shop platform for Dunkeld and Birnam was a good idea, we were not convinced that the need for funding for this was demonstrated. Stuart is going to go back to Sally and discuss with her.

Date of next meeting – Monday 9th November at 7pm – via ZOOM

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