Dunkeld and Birnam Community Council Meeting and AGM (11th of October)

The Dunkeld and Birnam Community Council will be having their Annual General Meeting, alongside their usual meeting, at 7:00pm on Monday, the 11th of October, 2021.

Residents are welcome to offer their input into the meeting. Anybody wishing to join, or discuss election, should e-mail Helen Taylor at dbcc.secretary1@gmail.com at their earliest convenience.

The meeting will take place over the Zoom video platform. The link to the meeting is included below.


The agenda is as follows:

Annual General Meeting

  1. Attendance
  2. Appoint one of Councillors as chair
  3. Approval of last year’s minutes
  4. Chair report
  5. Treasurer’s report
  6. Election of office bearers. (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer)

Ordinary Meeting

  1. Attendance
  2. Minutes of the last meeting – approval.
  3. Fraser Penny – re: the Orange Order parade
  4. Cara Stewart National Trust for Scotland – introduction and NTS update
  5. Treasurer’s report
  6. Community Action Plan – feedback from 2nd October event
  7. Zoom account operation – discussion – how to operate it, who can use it, how
    we’ll allow access and manage bookings.
  8. Planning (if anything of note)
  9. Licensing application – Taste Talk
  10. Police Update (if available)
  11. Interim election
  12. AOB
  13. Date of next meeting: 8th of November 2021
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