Dunkeld and Birnam Community Council Minutes Sept 2020 and AGM Sept 2019

Dunkeld and Birnam Community Council
Ordinary Meeting – 14 th September 2020 – 7pm – by Zoom

  1. Attendance
    Present: Stuart Paton, Helen Taylor, Calum Martin, Chris Claydon, Andrew Cave,
    Stewart Pritchard, Anne Jarvis, Grant Laing
    Members of the public present: Alistair Smith (Heartland), Euan Robinson, Michael
    Smith, Ramsay Beattie (Heartland), Heather Daly, Sophie Cade, Scott Trotter, Joel
  2. Last meeting’s minutes – approved.
    Change to Bank Mandate
    The following resolution was agreed by email on 3 rd August 2020 in relation to the Bank of
    Scotland bank account arrangements:
    • the Cardholders (who are also Authorised Signatories to the bank account) are
    authorised to request and be issued with Debit card(s) and/or Debit card details (including
    replacement cards, card details and security details) for use in relation to the operation and
    the giving instructions in relation to the bank account
    • the Signing Rules contained in the mandate provided to operate the bank account
    above be supplemented (but not replaced) by the additional Card Transaction Authorisation
    Rules which will apply to the operation of the bank account using a Debit card or Debit card
    details. The current mandate to operate the bank account shall accordingly continue as
    supplemented and amended
    • the Customer agrees to be bound by the Debit card Terms contained in this
    Application Form and any amendments made to them from time to time. These terms apply
    in addition to the terms and conditions for the bank account, which shall not be prejudiced
    or affected by the Debit card Terms
    • the Customer agrees that all transactions authorised by a duly authorised Debit card
    should be debited to the bank account and that the Customer accepts liability for any
    unarranged overdraft resulting from any such transactions that Cardholders may use their
    Debit card to order cheque books and statements and to obtain details of the balance on an
    • the Bank may continue to rely upon this Resolution until it is revoked in writing by a
    suitably authorised notice to the Bank.
  3. Treasurer’s Report
    Balance in the Treasurer’s account – £451.37 and in the Grants account
    £15,265.02. One offer of grant still outstanding to the Orchard – £400. They are
    still setting up their Treasurer’s account. We will just hold this until they are ready.
    Stewart preparing the accounts for PKC so that they will top us back up to £700.
    The expenses are usually Birnam Arts room hire and for third party insurance.
  4. Update on Coronavirus activities

Activities reduced – Larder and food bank still in place and still some help with
individuals with shopping. So most activities are in abeyance but ready to ramp
up as required. Shout outs for help for volunteers for

  1. Matters arising and subject updates
     Policing – report from Steve Band – add to the minute.
     Environment/Planning – Stuart explained the planning and role of the CC.
    o Dwellinghouse – former reservoir building Blairgowrie Road –
    20/00952/FLL – https://planningapps.pkc.gov.uk/online-
    Stuart set the scene re the objections and the support and the previous
    Euan and Caroline Robinson – Explained about their proposal – how
    the original permission is different. Explained that their aim is to build a
    sustainable house with low impact on the ground. Pre app stage with
    the Andrew Baxter indicated that their plans were acceptable with
    respect to the flood risk. Their proposed access is the same as the
    previous proposal. Biodiversity – overgrazed by deer, Rhododendron,
    bracken and sycamore. Taking out trees but not taking out substantially
    more than the current permission. Proposing to undertake extensive
    habitat enhancement on the site. Re the path – servitude right of
    access for Scottish Water. Planning officer did not see the path as a
    planning issue. But they recognise that the path is used by neighbours
    – so happy to consider to provide an access through the woods to
    allow people still to take access. Purchased the land from the
    Andersons after discussing their proposals. Extensive discussions
    were held by the meeting with views expressed both in favour and
    against the proposal. The key issue which was of most concern to
    some was that of the Biodiversity impacts resulting from loss of
    woodland. The discussion concluded with the Chair requesting the
    view of each of the Community Council members
    o Partly in retrospect – stables at Ladywell Farm – 20/00952/FLL –
    Stewart would prefer better landscaping – clutter in the NSA. Helen to
    craft letter re retrospective situation and the above.
    o Partly in retrospect – Erection of an agricultural building and silo –
    20/01072/FLL – https://planningapps.pkc.gov.uk/online-
    Request an extension to October meeting

 Road Safety Subgroup
Road safety and parking issues around the village. Sub group dealing with
what are the big issues. But more immediately – the use of the North End Car

Park and the parking on the verge on the Boat Road. Chris reported that she
has been in touch with Living Streets and waiting to hear back from them.
Some issues are enforcement issues. Ann Jarvis – some offences it would be
the police and others would be the Council Officers. It would be good if the
police and the council could come together with the community. Grant Laing
has had a lot of comms about the North Car Park. Overnight parking should
be reported to the Council traffic team.
Discussion of a raft of ideas proposed by Michael Smith. The Road Safety
Group can progress some of these ideas through consultation.
 Transport (other)
o Roads Network – Helen to email Grant re the A822
 Community Noticeboards
To be discussed by email.

  1. AOB
    Building Back Better survey – Stuart will be feeding into this.
    End of main meeting
  2. Griffin Grants
    a. Micro grants – Grants approved for Tayside Trails and for Birk
    Cinema for Outdoor cinema showings.
    b. Griffin Windfarm Main Fund – Helen reported that all the grant
    applications were approved and given the full amount they asked for.
    The Corbenic large grant application passed to stage two.

Dunkeld & Birnam Community Council

Annual General Meeting 7 pm Monday 13th May 2019

Birnam Institute


  1. Those present:

Stuart Paton, Helen Taylor, David Fox, Andrew Cave, Chris Claydon, Cllr. Ian James, Cllr. Grant Laing

Also in attendance:

  • Four members of the public, Craig Ross, Alex Kettles, Mike Wolfe, Mike Silverman
  • Police Constable Steve Band

Apologies were received from Graham Rees and Cllr. Anne Jarvis 

  1. Agreement of minutes

The meeting minutes for the last AGM which took place on 9th May 2016 had been previously distributed to members by email.

  1. Proposed by: David Fox
  2. Seconded by: Stuart Paton
  1. Chairperson’s Annual Report

The Community Council continues to try to work alongside members of the local community to protect and improve our local area for residents, visitors and businesses. We aim to focus our efforts on key areas where we think we can make a difference and support other initiatives as required rather than duplicating efforts. A specific example has been the Strathtay Local Area Partnership where Fiona Ritchie has kindly taken on the role of community representative. 

We have seen a number of significant changes in the Community Council with longstanding members David Levy, Matthew Gerrie and Johann Goree stepping down. I would like to thank them all very much for their valuable input to the Community Council. However, I am very pleased to welcome our new members. 

Key areas we have been involved in in the last year include:

  • Planning issues. As each year, we have considered a wide range of issues in relation to specific houses, commercial developments including the garage and shops and bigger potential developments. In each case, we try to balance the planning policies and development plans with local concerns. I would like to thank Helen Taylor for being the lead on this key area. 
  • A9 dualling. This project continues to be the single most significant local issue. David Levy played a vital role on the A9 Community Group through the co-creative process in 2018. Although the CG will continue to take the lead, the Community Council also plays a role in ensuring the voice of everyone in the community is heard and to bring in the broader dimension. We have also engaged with BEAR and Transport Scotland on potential shorter-term mitigation work at the Dunkeld A9 junction and eagerly await their proposals. 
  • Local parking and road issues. We have at last seen some progress with TROs issued for disabled parking outside the chemists and double yellow lines on Brae Street. We are about to set up a sub-group to look at local road safety issues with representatives from the Community Council and other local residents. 
  • SSE Griffin fund and micro-grants. We continue to make a real local impact to a range of causes through the micro-grant scheme. Helen Taylor is now our representative on the main SSE fund committee since Matthew stepped down from the role. 

Looking forward, we are pleased to welcome additional elected and co-opted members on to the Community Council. However, we have additional vacancies and would welcome further local people to share the workload and to provide new ideas and different perspectives.

I would like to thank all the Community Councillors for their continued involvement and energy. I would also like to thank the local councilors for the wisdom and as a pathway to contacts in Perth and Kinross Council. The presence of the local police at our meetings continues to be much appreciated as are all members of the public who contribute to our meetings.

Stuart Paton
Chair, Dunkeld and Birnam Community Council

  1. Treasurer’s submission of accounts for year ending 31st March 2019

Graham Rees had circulated copies of accounts prior to the meeting. 

In Graham’s absence, members noted that the accounts had been audited by David Gray, to whom members agreed a vote of thanks for his support.

Attending members agreed the accounts and noted that Graham will shortly submit them for auditing by Perth & Kinross Council. 

Expenditure over the past twelve months relates to meeting room hire, an additional third-party insurance premiums, for the Community Council notice boards and the Willowbank telephone kiosk.  

  1. Demit of current office bearers/election of office bearers 

Stuart Paton explained the process for demit and election of office bearers, following which all office bearers were formally stood down from their posts.

As a member of the community, Cllr. Ian James assumed the role of Chair for the process of electing office bearers. During the process, the following appointments were made:

  1. Chair – Stuart Paton
  • Proposed by Helen Taylor
  • Seconded by David Fox
  1. Secretary – David Fox
  • Proposed by Stuart Paton
  • Seconded by Helen Taylor
  1. Treasurer – Graham Rees
  • Proposed by Stuart Paton
  • Seconded by Helen Taylor

The meeting closed at 7:15 pm.

The next AGM meeting will take place in May 2020, at a time and date to be agreed.

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