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First Scottish Government New Winter Heating Payment to Land This Week

6m people set to receive £150 disability cost-of-living payment from Tuesday

Around 400,000 people on low income living in Highland Perthshire and across the country, will soon be receiving their first Winter Heating Payment.

The Winter Heating payment has been launched by the Scottish Government in order to help people living on low incomes heat their homes this winter. The benefit replaces the Department of Work and Pensions’ (DWP) Cold Weather Payment. Unlike the DWP payment, which was only paid out during sustained periods of cold weather in a specific area, the Winter Heating Payment will be a reliable annual payment for those eligible.

The Minister for Social Security Scotland, Ben Macpherson, said: “Our new Winter Heating Payment is the thirteenth Scottish Government benefit. This year it will provide 400,000 people most in need with a reliable, automatic £50 payment to help towards their heating costs.

“The Payment will reach significantly more people than the benefit it has replaced. On average only 185,000 people received the equivalent Cold Weather Payments from the UK Government over the last seven years – whereas we will pay everyone eligible every year.

“The Scottish Government is investing around £20 million per year compared with an average of £8.3 million annually paid out through Cold Weather Payment. We will also uprate the next Winter Heating Payment by 10.1%, to £55.05.”

Over £20 million of payments is being distributed across the country and people can expect to receive these payments in either February or March. There is no need to apply for the payment and those who are eligible will receive a letter as confirmation. All payments will be made automatically into your bank account and will be paid through Social Security Scotland.

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