New Features Coming in October’s Edition of Iris

Look At Us


There are many of us that take pictures regularly and do nothing with them. We may look at them and mutter, “that`s quite good” or “I must show that to my friends” but very few of us do more than that. 

We have a solution.

IRIS travels the world on a daily basis arriving in countries as diverse as Chile & South Africa and they have never seen your pictures. They have never been able to marvel at how beautiful Highland Perthshire is, we should put them out of their misery and fill their eyes with your photos.

Send them to stating the location and your name so we can credit you and we can really show off the places and people that live here. 

Although IRIS is an online print magazine we can show top quality photos and videos. 

Most of us have a smartphone of some kind. These phones have now become high quality cameras with the ability to make calls. You should use them a bit more.

When you are out and about, take a short video, no more than 90 seconds long, showing where you are. It could be your favourite walk or destination, a stretch of river, a local phenomenon the choice is your own. Add in a piece of commentary explaining it to the rest of us and send it to . Do some editing if you can but don`t worry too much as we can do it for you. 

Once it is in IRIS we will send it to do it`s job around the world showing off Highland Perthshire to others across Scotland and even introduce ourselves to Canadians, Americans and Spaniards all of whom already read IRIS.

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