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Pitlochry Community Action Plan to Hold “Theme One” Meeting

The Pitlochry Community Action Plan will be holding a meeting to identify key issues with access to services and transport on the 20th of July at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre, at 10 am.

Launched at the end of June, the Pitlochry Community Action Plan has identified six themes for improvement in the Pitlochry area, after consultations and feedback with local residents. These six themes are now the basis of six sub-groups, set up by those who expressed an interest in finding solutions to issues raised by the community.

The meeting on the 20th of July incorporates Theme One: access to services and transport. The meeting will cover improving healthcare and care services, improvements to public transport, developing education and learning within the area, improvements to public amenities, and access to childcare and after-school care.

Residents of Pitlochry are warmly invited to join the meeting and offer their feedback on these priorities. They are also welcome to raise any other concerns they have relating to the theme of access to services and transport.

The Pitlochry Community Action Plan’s Community Co-Ordinator, Charlie McCarthy, says he is pleased with the turnout so far. “At the first meeting, plenty of people came along. Some were concerned about the lack of availability of childcare in the area.”

To get in touch with the Pitlochry Community Action Plan’s Steering Committee, e-mail pitlochrycap@gmail.com. You can read the final report of the Community Action Plan here.

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