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Pitlochry To Host Meeting On Improving Local Sport And Culture

Perth and Kinross Council are hosting a strategy public meeting in Pitlochry next week to allow people to have their opinions heard on sport and culture, within the local area, and what they would like to see more of or what they feel needs to change.

The session will be held on Thursday 22nd of September in Pitlochry Town Hall from 4pm until 6pm. The meeting will begin with an introduction before splitting into group of people who are interested in sport, and those who are interested in culture.

The splitting up of the group will allow for people to discuss what they enjoy, what they think needs to change, and what the council should be focusing on more. After this, the groups will come back together to discuss the next steps, which will be taken and used to create a strategy that will act as a blueprint for the next five years.

The meeting is free to attend and people are being asked to tell their friends and family within the area about this session, as the more people who attend, the better the strategy will be at meeting people’s needs.

As well as this session, there will be other sessions across Highland Perthshire including two sessions in Perth which will be held on the 28th of September from 4pm until 6pm in the Assembly Hall at North Inch Community Campus and on the 29th of September from 4pm until 6pm in the Hay Room at the Dewars Centre.

For people who can’t attend a full session, there will be a survey released to allow them to give their opinions. There is likely to be a limited number of spaces at these meetings so people are being asked to email before attending.

For information on the other meeting places and to confirm your attendance, please email: cld@pkc.gov.uk.

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