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Police Scotland Issue Home Safety Reminder

Police Scotland are reminding people living in Perth and Kinross to make their houses appear occupied this autumn and winter to deter burglars.

With the clocks going back soon and the nights getting darker earlier, Police Scotland are highlighting the importance of ensuring that houses look occupied. If you happen to be going out in the evening, simply leaving a light on or leaving the TV running can be enough to give the impression to a burglar that there are people within the property.

With energy bills still very high, it can be tempting to switch off all the lights and other electricity-using devices while they are not in use, however by doing this criminals can work out which houses may be an easier target for a break-in.

If you are concerned about your energy bills, but still wish to make your house appear occupied, you can purchase a tv light simulator and pair it up with a radio which can be linked to a timer switch.

To protect your home as the nights get darker, follow these safety tips:

  • Keep windows and doors locked
  • Secure sheds and garages
  • Fit/check outside security lighting is working
  • Fit a shed/garage alarm
  • Fit an intruder alarm
  • Record/security mark valuable property
  • Consider additional garage door locks
  • Use timer switches on lights
  • Secure bicycles to a ground anchor
  • Consider leaving a radio or audio device on when not at home

By following these safety tips you can reduce the risk of having your property broken into.

If you wish to learn more about what you can do to better protect your home, contact Police Scotland by email at: taysidepreventionsandinterventions@scotland.police.uk and state, in the subject field, which local authority area you reside in.

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