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IRIS – December 2020

Have a read of the December edition of your local online magazine, IRIS. This month, an exploration what it means to be Scottish, news about our upcoming radio panto, and advice on how to avoid getting scammed this winter. Plus your latest community updates, and more gorgeous photos of Highland…

IRIS – November 2020

Don’t miss the November’s edition of IRIS, in which we continue our focus on mental health support, offer tips on eating well this Autumn, and present more amazing photos of Highland Perthshire.

IRIS – October 2020

In October’s edition of IRIS, we have Breadalbane P7 poetry, new music submissions, mental health support and amazing photos of Highland Perthshire.

IRIS September 2020

IRIS – September 2020

Read about Bob Davidson’s Luncarty Lockdown, the Clan Donnachaidh Youth Award, and much more in September’s edition of IRIS Magazine.

IRIS – August 2020

Featuring articles, pictures and videos from across Highland Perthshire, the August edition of IRIS is out now. Leaf through it now to find out the latest in your area.

IRIS – July 2020

A community magazine produced by Heartland Media Hub looking at the activities, ideas, thoughts and issues of the people in Highland Perthshire. 

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