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Aberfeldy Cottage Hospital Planning Application

A planning application has been submitted and validated by Perth and Kinross Council (PKC) over the change of use, alterations and extension to the Cottage Hospital in Aberfeldy.

The application is to for the formation of three holiday accommodation units, erection of four holiday accommodation units, formation of parking areas, accesses, landscaping and associated works.

The Cottage hospital become non-operational in 2015 and has been put up for sale by NHS Tayside. The planning application was submitted to PKC in December and was validated on the 17th of March.

Victor Clements the chair of the Aberfeldy Community Council speaking about the planning application said: “We haven’t taken a view yet. We have our next meeting on this coming Tuesday, the 5th of April. There has been a planning application submitted so we will have to discuss the planning application and form a view at that point.”

Mr Clements went on to say “the demand in Aberfeldy is for more residential accommodation for people. If you look at the comments that are in the public domain about the application. Almost everyone is saying we would like to see homes for rent or sale rather than holiday accommodation.”

A notification has been sent out to neighbours of the Cottage Hospital to allow them to make comment, with a public window for comment open on the PKC planning portal until Friday 15th of April 2022.

The proposal has so far received nine objects listed on the portal with one objector saying: “How can the council think it’s a good idea to create yet more holiday accommodation when this amazing community desperately needs rental property for local people? Even more ironic that a vital facility which served this community for so many years would be turned into something which turned its back on the needs of the community.”

Another commenter starts by saying: “Aberfeldy is already full of holiday accommodation of this type and certainly does not need more. We desperately need housing for people already living here and wanting to work in this area.”

While another reads: “This is an absolute disgrace, the last thing Aberfeldy needs is more holiday accommodation. We desperately need affordable housing. There is absolutely no housing available for young people to get on the property ladder. What’s the point of holiday accommodation when there are not enough people to service these holiday makers.”

Details on the application including documents and where to make a comment can be found at, https://planningapps.pkc.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=R4K4WMMKFVK00

The last day for public comments is Friday 15th April 2022. If more than six objections are received on a planning application, it will go to the Development Control Committee.

Aberfeldy Community Council will meet on the 5th of April and will discuss the planning application among other things and a link to the meeting will be posted on the Community Council page of our website and everyone who wants to speak on this issue is invited.

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