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Breadalbane Academy Students Create Nature’s Wood

The Primary 6 and Primary 7 students of Breadalbane Academy have turned a forgotten piece of outdoor space into a fun and educational haven in their creation of ‘Natures Wood’.

COVID restrictions meant the typical Primary 7 activities were cancelled and the blended class of Primary 6/7 and Primary 6/7 Gaelic class could not physically be together.

To combat this and leave a legacy – the students, with help from P7 teacher, Maree Grant, created Nature’s Wood.

Mrs Grant said:

“They’ve worked across three terms in three classes including the Gaelic class, and the aim of the project was to develop a usable space for the whole school community that by doing all this lopping and cutting branches and moving things that are physical labour.

The students have performed a variety of tasks such as picking up rubbish, pruning back branches and building dens which small insects now call home and the class can observe.

“What they’re doing is meaning that we’ve got a wild space to use.

“Normally we would go to the Birks to do outdoor learning but because of COVID and we can’t have any parent helpers in there that means we didn’t have any way to go. We didn’t have outdoor learning so we came up with a solution to that and that was working across three classes, that’s meant the primary six and seven can work together, even if they physically can’t be together and we’ve carried on.

As well as creating the outdoor space, the Gaelic class designed the logo for Natures Wood and have created a noticeboard of information on the process which they hope to display for further students to admire their hard work.

Mrs Grant added:

“The reason we’ve done it is because of the pandemic, but it’ll last much longer than that.

“The current sixes and sevens are working on it in the next year sixes and sevens will carry on with that work.

“I’m just really proud of all the work they’ve done.”

Mrs Grant paid tribute to the ‘phenomenal’ help of Outdoor Learning Officer, Emma O’Shea who taught the students how to use the tools of the trade safely and Countryside Ranger, Jeannie Grant who has leant the class tools to complete the job until they are able to purchase tools for the school.

The classes have also created a blog to share their hard work. You can see Natures Wood for yourself by visiting: https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/pk/natureswood/

Heartland FM are grateful to: Evie, Isabel, Grace, Laurie, Corrie, Robert, Sabina, & Leon for speaking to us about Natures Wood.

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