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Dementia Safety Protocol Assists in Recovery of Missing Persons

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Families and carers of those with dementia in Highland Perthshire are being urged to utilise the new Herbert Protocol form providing information that could assist police if someone goes missing.

The Herbert Protocol has been utilised many times to trace missing people with dementia and return them home safely.

The form provides information such as health issues, places often visited and places of importance.

Cath Marshall of Pitlochry Neighbourhood Watch group supports the protocol and said:

“The Herbert Protocol form can be downloaded from Police Scotlands website. It should be completed by anyone caring for someone with dementia.

“In the event this person goes missing, the information provided on the form can make all the difference to the police in helping to find this person quickly.”

PC Yocksan Bell, Missing Persons Co-ordinator with Police Scotland said:

“Each year we deal with a significant number of missing persons incidents.

“The risks can often be high and this is especially the case when dealing with someone reported missing who has a diagnosis of dementia.

“It is extremely important that we respond quickly in these cases.

“The Herbert Protocol is an information gathering form. It contains vital details that will assist police in dealing with a missing person enquiry such as a photo and details of any places frequently visited.

“If you are concerned that someone living with dementia may go missing, we would urge you to fill in this form so you are prepared.

“It should be kept up to date and retained in a safe place.

“If someone goes missing, the information contained in the form can then be passed to police at the time the missing person’s report is made. The information will then be used to trace the missing person as quickly as possible.

“The Herbert Protocol has a proven track record in helping to find people quickly and it also helps to give carers and next of kin peace of mind knowing they are prepared in the event they have to report someone missing to police.”

The Herbert Protocol form, as well as additional information, can be found on the Police Scotland website: https://www.scotland.police.uk/what-s-happening/missing-persons/the-herbert-protocol/

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