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Dunkeld and Birnam MUGA

Dunkeld and Birnam Sports and Leisure Hub have begun preparation for the construction of their new Multi Use Games Area (MUGA).  

The MUGA will provide the Hub with an outdoor area capable of supporting, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Tennis and much more. The MUGA being built at Dunkeld and Birnam will be under a lightweight structure to create an ‘indoor’ type feel and make it usable year-round.

Stuart Paton the Chair of the Dunkeld and Birnam Sports and Leisure Hub, explaining the context of the project and its current state said: “improved sports facilities for Dunkeld and Birnam, and surrounding areas has been talked about for many years, more than 20 odd years.

“The concept of a covered MUGA came up three or four years ago when we thought this was more cost effective, both in terms of the build and the ongoing running costs, than building an indoor sports facility but brings a lot of the advantage of a full indoor facility.

“The last few years we have done a lot of community consultation on the concept and brought a lot of people along with us and in the last year or so done a lot of fundraising and raised almost £400,000 from a variety of different sources. We’ve got planning permission which we got from the council at the back end of last year and we are literally about to kick off the project.

“In the last couple of weeks, we’ve done some of the groundworks which included take a small number of trees down which would have gone over the sight and clearing an existing building that’s there, that needs to come down before we can actually start on site, and all things going to according to plan we hope to start to start the work on the ground in earnest during May.”  

The hope is that the MUGA will be opened to the public by the Autumn before the dark nights start to come back.

A decision over what Sports will be able to use the MUGA are still happening but Mr Paton explains that there are a number of sports they have been thinking about: “There’s a number of things we think about one is as I said, the surface is definitely  multi use, there will be goals built within the facility, so you can imagine you will have seen them often, they actually be outset, so where the goals are they will be set outside the main MUGA area, so they will be there permanently for use for football and hockey.

“We’ll have basketball hoops at either end as well for use in basketball.”

Mr Paton goes on to say: “The other sports that we are planning to work on are netball where we’ll have lines for netball and of course netball hoops can go in and out as people need them and we will have specific storage for netball hoops. It will be lined out for a tennis court and again the tennis nets will be movable as well and can be stored just off site and we’ll have just a generic line as a centre line, centre circle for use for hockey and football and a D.

“The details there we need to resolve but broadly speaking that’s the sports we are looking at. We are also looking at the option of badminton and although badminton is usually an indoor sport. We think with the cover we’ve got and also a new design a couple of years ago from Sports England, have designed a heavier shuttlecock for use outdoors, we think we could use it for that so that’s another set of lines that we may consider putting in as well.”

For the latest news for the Dunkeld and Birnam Sports and Leisure Club visit https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/DunkeldandBirnamSportsandLeisureHub/News

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