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Find the Results of PH8’s Community Housing Survey at Birnam Arts Tomorrow

Photo Credit: Grahamstephen

UPDATE: This meeting has now been postponed until further notice.

PH8 Community Matters are revealing the results of the community housing survey at the end of this month.

They’ll be at Birnam Arts from 7pm tomorrow, Tuesday, the 24th of May, to discuss what the results of the survey say about the communities’ needs and what the next steps are for the group.

A spokesperson for the group announced: “We are excited to be receiving the survey findings from Communities Housing Trust later this month.”

PH8 is an organisation which is aiming to engage with every local resident to stimulate conversations about the future of the postcode area.

They are funded by Perth & Kinross LEADER and the SSE Griffin & Calliachar Community Fund, while working with the Dunkeld and Birnam Community Council as well as the Perth and Kinross Council.

In March of this year, the PH8 group published their community action plan, which is a plan to improve the local area made by local people.

PH8’s community coordinator explained: “So one of the keys areas of our action plan is housing for all in particular, looking at affordable housing in our community.

“And we are really, really lucky to be able to partner with the community’s housing trust on this. And the first step, really in terms of the housing needs and demand assessment is to carry out a survey.”

As part of the community housing survey, the group asked local residents what they’re needs are, as well as local businesses and community groups.

The community connector explained: “We’re asking local businesses, existing businesses, and also any potential new start-ups, what their experiences of how housing affects their business.

“So that could be for themselves as, in terms of housing, the business on the premises or their own housing situation, but it could also be in terms of their staff and are they able to get the staff they need in the area? Where do their staff live? Are they coming from out with PH8, what kind issues does that present for them and their business?”

Now the results are in and local people can hear and have their say on where the future of the community action plan is heading.

More information about PH8 Community Matters can be found on: https://www.facebook.com/ph8communitymatters

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