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Free Mental Health First Aid Workshop Coming to Highland Perthshire

A series of free mental health workshops are coming to Highland Perthshire called Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health.

The workshops are organised by Ruth and Stevie McLaren who have both spent their careers working in public sector charities.

Describing what the workshops are about Ruth said: “It’s about helping normal people, like you or I, to feel more comfortable, and take away the fear factor, in having conversations when we feel friends, family and colleagues might not feel themselves.”

First aid for mental health aims to start the conversation in a person’s journey into mental health recovery.

Ruth explained: “A first aider is not going to diagnose or treat heart conditions.

“If somebody has a heart attack in the workplace, or wherever they may be, they’re going to refer to the appropriate medical team.

“And it’s the same for first aid for mental health, in no way are you going to diagnose or treat any of the conditions.

“But you’re they’re to have that first point of contact, that sticky plaster, that conversation that just says are you okay? Do you want to chat? Can I help?

“And that’s what this awareness training and indeed the full-blown first aid training is all about.”

Completion of the course comes with an SCQF (Scottish Credit Qualification Framework) level four qualification to certify an education in mental health first aid.

Dunkeld is the first of the four towns these workshops is going to, on Saturday the fifth, the first workshop will take place in the Guide Hall in Dunkeld and Birnam.

Another three sessions will be held each in Blair Atholl village hall on the 12th, again on the 19th in Moulin Hall, Pitlochry, and finally at the Locus Centre in Aberfeldy on the 26th.

Every session starts at 9:15 am and continues through to 1:30 pm.

The workshops come as part of funding from the Enchanted Forest in order for the sessions to be made free.

Although the sessions are free, booking’s must be made in advance because of limitations put in place for the number of people per session as per Coronavirus restrictions.

In order to book a place at one of these events, you can email ruth@moulinburn.co.uk or alternatively phone Ruth on 07771 912953.

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