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Frenchman Hours into Bungee Jump World Record Attempt in Highland Perthshire

Frenchman Francois-Marie Dibon is hours into his attempt to break the 24-hour Bungee jumping World record. He will be jumping from the Highland Fling Bungee Platform below Garry Bridge.

The current record was set in 2017 and stands at 430 jumps, which was set by Mike Heard from the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Mr Dibon will attempt to go at least one jump further.

Speaking before his jump Mr Dibon said: “I have said before, when doing bungee jumping, ‘I could do this all day’. Well now I am putting that to the test. I will get very tired at some point, but we can rest a little. I hope we can make this record. We will see. I would like to bring the record to Scotland and this incredible team around me.”

Dressed in white and black, Francois-Marie took his first jump at 10.10am, seconds after the song, ‘The Wind Cries Mary’ by Jimi Hendrix sounded out from the Bungee platform.

The first jumps went smoothly with a good pace, and, despite light showers, the Scottish weather held up, breaking into intermittent sunshine.

Francois-Marie will take on food and fluids during the 24 hours, jumping through the night, and will break periodically for micro naps.

The jumpmasters from Highland Fling Bungee, who are raising him back up after each jump using a mechanical winch system, are working in 4-hour shift patterns.

Laurie Thomas, Jump Master and Operations Manager said: “We have been talking about the record for some time now and we were looking for someone who could jump. Francois came here a few years ago, did about 30 jumps, and we thought: ‘who is this guy?’ We knew we had our man. He is a great person to work with. Hopefully, as a team, we can do this.”

The marathon quest, being scrutinised by Guinness World Record judge Joanne Brent, will finish on Wednesday morning.

See Francois-Marie Didon’s first jump below, video provided by Heartland Media and PR.

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