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Highland Perthshire Celebrates 21 Days of Nature

Perth & Kinross Council have joined forces with Tayside Biodiversity Partnership throughout the month of May to celebrate the nature surrounding us in Highland Perthshire from bee’s and badgers to the magical dawn chorus in a new initiative titled 21 Days of Nature.

The creative mind behind the 21 Days of Nature project – Patrick Higgins from Perth & Kinross Council – came up with the idea during lockdown as a way to get people involved and have some fun.

Catherine Lloyd of Tayside Biodiversity Partnership said:

“We’ve been going for over 20 years and we cover all of Tayside.

“We’ve published the Biodiversity Action Plan for Tayside five years ago so we’re halfway through the action plan – t sounds dull but it isn’t – It’s a very useful document and it’s got something like 600 actions that we must do within the next five years.

“We’re halfway through and a lot of those will be specific projects that we take forward so it’s raising awareness it’s all sorts of things such as farmland, wildland, urban, so there’s something like 70 Old projects already up and running.

“It’s a real hodgepodge of different organisations and different partners. It’s fantastic – never a dull day.

Several events have been planned to coincide with National weeks of celebration such as National Hedgehog Week and Scottish Badger Week.

The initiative kicked off on 2nd May 2021 and culminates on the 22nd of May which is the United Nations International Day of Biodiversity.

Throughout the month activities and competitions will run for all ages, challenging people to learn a little more but also have fun.

Interest has been high already with many locals getting involved including Primary School and Nursery teachers signing up on behalf of their class.

Patrick Higgins said:

“Having done the lockdown, I’ve done a few challenges myself at home. We’ve done litter picking challenge in the village then earlier in the year we did stuck at home challenge online to help the children in the schools because we could see them getting really quite bored so just followed on from that we should have a 21 day of nature challenge.

21 Days of Nature was advertised via noticeboards in COVID vaccination centres which led to people signing up on the spot.

Further support was offered by students from the University of Dundee through a 30-hour study module conducting case studies for the Scottish Geodiversity Charter and joining Perth and Kinross Councils Local Nature Conservation/Geodiversity Sites team.

Another student, Demi Payne, took on the chance to volunteer with Tayside Biodiversity Partnership to exhibit her skills in graphic design in creating the official logo for the 21 Days Challenge.

Anyone can get involved in the challenge, regardless of existing knowledge.

Catherine added:

“There’s so many different things that we can all do.

“We’re looking at people who have absolutely no idea what they can do for nature. So, if we can say well look to the skies and this is what a swift looks like, and if you see one, let us know, and you’re going to get other people who are quite specialists, and you know they know every Bumblebee there is and they don’t need any advice on that but they could do with another project. Maybe we’ll find out about other things so there’s going to be people who are experts and absolute beginners, and that’s the whole point of this challenge is that anybody can do anything.”

For more information please visit: https://www.taysidebiodiversity.co.uk/ 

Or to sign-up, visit the 21 Days of Nature Challenge Form

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