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How to Improve Your Home Security

As lockdown measures ease and we prepare to return to workplaces and normal daily routines taking us out of the house, many of us may be concerned about the safety and security of our properties against home intruders.

Although having your home broken into is a common concern, thankfully it is not a common occurrence and there are several steps you can take to protect and secure your home in a cost saving way.

We are all guilty of occasionally leaving a spare key under the doormat or buried in a hydrangea plant however this is the first thing that would be checked and should be avoided.

If you have a calendar on the wall, avoid mounting it close to windows where someone could see appointments from outside the property, therefore knowing when the home is likely to be empty.

Online property registration such as Immobilise exists to catalog your belongings as well as purchasing a UV pen. The pen can create an invisible marker of your postcode or house number on your possessions, making them easy to identify.

When it comes to storing your keys, it’s advisable not to store house keys and car keys on the same key ring set and if you live in a flat or shared accommodation, not to have your unit number written on the keys as that can act as an indicator of the property location.

It’s also advisable not to store large amounts of cash at home and if you do have to, disperse the money in several locations.

A key resource in protecting your home is in fact the community around you. Neighbours can help in keeping an eye on the comings and goings at your home when you are not there. Joining a Neighbourhood Watch organisation is another way of getting involved and ensuring the whole community is kept safe.

Many local communities now operate a Neighbourhood Watch group, and you can find out if one exists in your community by dialling 101 and speaking to your local community policing team. You can also get tips on securing your home this way or by visiting the dedicated webpage set up by Police Scotland.

For more information on how to keep your home and garden safe, please visit Police Scotland’s dedicated website.

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