‘ATOMIK’ Alcohol from Chernobyl to be Sold in the UK

Image courtesy of https://www.atomikvodka.com/

The ghost town of Pripyat has long been a source of fascination following the tragic events of Saturday 26th April 1986 in which reactor number 4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded during a routine safety test.

The town was once home to 50,000 people, 237 of which suffered from acute radiation sickness with 31 dying in the three months following the tragedy.

These days, the town is a magnet for tourists – curious to see the remnants of what was once a busy town which now lies desolate.

Artefacts from Chernobyl are also a source of fascination for collectors with an exclusion zone, called the “zone of alienation” in the 30 kilometres (19 miles) around the town.

Even now in 2021, Ukrainian authorities were forced to seize 1,500 bottles of ‘Atomik’ alcoholic drinks made from apples grown near the Chernobyl power plant.

Image courtesy of https://www.atomikvodka.com/

Brewed in 2020, the Atomik Apple Spirit labelling states:

“Atomik is a high quality spirit drink like those traditionally made in Ukrainian villages for many centures (as “moonshine”).

“This small batch distillate is made from apples grown in regions affected by the 1986 Cherynobyl accident.

“Fruit grown in many areas are now safe to consume, but distillation reduces the radioactivity even further to almost undetectable levels.

“75% of profits from ATOMIK will go to supporting local communities and wildlife conservation in Chernobyl affected areas of Ukraine.”

This is not the end of the line for ATOMIK Apple Spirit however. The company now state:

“Our first production of ATOMIK Apple Spirit has now been released by Ukrainian security services.

“We are now preparing for online sales, though we will initially only be able to sell in the UK, unfortunately.

“We expect to start selling the first batch late August/early September.”

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