Bounce Safe: Campaign for Bouncy Castle Safety

Image taken by Karsten Winegeart

Following a tough year, families around Scotland are ready to jump for joy at the thought of a fun sunny summer day through hiring a bouncy castle for a birthday party or event however safety warnings have been issued surrounding the safety of using a bouncy castle.

As 1.7 million adults in Scotland plan their summer party season – 7% of those intending to hire a bouncy castle – new research by the Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) indicates that one in three (32%) of bouncy castle operators are not up to date with inspections following the equipment being locked up as we locked down.

Member of pop band Hear’Say, Suzanne Shaw is a mum of two with a ‘Pure and Simple’ message for other parents regarding bouncy castle safety.

Suzanne said:

“After the year we have all had, it’s not a surprise to see millions of people will be hosting garden parties and what better way to entertain the kids than with a bouncy castle.

“I’m supporting the #BounceSafe campaign to send an important message to parents and those hiring the inflatables at-home to please make sure they ask the right questions when they hire and follow the safety advice on the day to help reduce the number of accidents.

“We all have a role to play in keeping the kids bouncing safe and it’s so important to supervise the inflatable at all times.”

RPII is the international body charged with regulating the training of inflatable inspectors and operators through the national inspection scheme PIPA.

Together, RPII and PIPA have launched the #BounceSafe campaign aiming to equip those booking inflatables with the knowledge of safety measures and appropriate questions to ask before you hire.

The organisation reveals that 31% of adults in Scotland don’t know what to ask regarding bouncy castle safety despite one in ten people witnessing an accident on a bouncy castle in person.

The #BounceSafe campaign urges people hiring – especially parents to do three things before having a bouncy castle at home:

  1. Ask the 3 key questions of the operator at the point when they hire – Do you have a PIPA tag and number, are you insured, and have you done the RPII operator training during the last 3 years?
  2. Always supervise the bouncy castle once the operator leaves a private at-home event.
  3. Follow simple safety advice during the event and brief users about the rules before they go on.

When it comes to supervising children at play, 82% of Scots are unaware that as the one hiring the bouncy castle, they are fully and legally responsible for the safety of the children using it when the operator leaves the event.

Matthew Sweed, Technical Director of Inflatables at the RPII, said:

“We are launching our #BounceSafe campaign today to help keep children all over the UK bouncing safely this summer and reduce the number of accidents and injuries.

“By following some simple safety advice, everyone can play an important part in the safe hiring and safe usage of inflatables. As part of the campaign, we are also urging all inflatable operators to ensure their castles are up to date with their annual inspection and that operators have also participated in our operator training programme during the last 3 years.

“It’s really important that those hiring the inflatable supervise the users at all times after the operator leaves. We know it’s something not all parents are aware of, but it has a huge impact on accident rates.”

RPII is launching a new digital training program for all bouncy castle operators which can be completed online as well as a new website for those hiring the equipment providing simple safety information.

To check out the RPII guidance before your next hire, visit

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