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Jermaine Jenas Stitched up by Scottish Rival Ally McCoist

With the highly anticipated Euro 2020 tournament getting underway on June 11th and one of the oldest and most intense rivalries in the history of international football set to take place on June 18th as England host Scotland at Wembley.

Heineken and Ally McCoist join in the fun with a hilarious stitch up that leaves Jermaine Jenas in hysterics.

Ally teamed up with Heineken to convince Jermaine that he’d been given the honour of modelling a specially made commemorative suit to mark the 60th anniversary of the European Championship. What Jermaine was not to know was that Ally was directing the suit design, photo shoot and a fake live broadcast behind the scenes. In classic Scottish style, Ally enlisted fellow Scot, sports presenter Emma Dodds, to host a ‘live broadcast’ of Jermaine’s glossy photoshoot.

The ruse began with a fitting at a renowned Savile Row tailor, where Jermaine was measured by an over-assertive tailor, played by an actor. Having obtained Jermaine’s measurements, Ally briefed the tailor to provide the surprise addition to the beautifully cut suit – a giant Saltire (Flag of Scotland) embroidered on the back.

Jermaine has been the subject of many a fashion shoot but became increasingly unsettled and distracted by the peculiar behaviour of the tailor on set and by the questions fired at him by Emma. With Jermaine distracted, he had no idea that the jacket had been switched, resulting in him obliviously posing in Ally’s Scottish masterpiece.

When Emma asks Jermaine to check out the back of the jacket on the monitor, he instantly realises he’s been duped, which is the cue for Ally, accompanied by a piper playing Scotland the Brave, to storm the set. At the end, Jermaine, Ally and Emma celebrate the moment by sharing a Heineken and having a laugh together as they look ahead to the hugely anticipated clash.

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