Kurt Cobain Memorabilia Up For Auction

NETHERLANDS – NOVEMBER 25: HILVERSUM Photo of Kurt COBAIN and NIRVANA, Kurt Cobain recording in Hilversum Studios, playing Takamine acoustic guitar (Photo by Michel Linssen/Redferns)

A self-portrait drawn by Kurt Cobain is up for auction could cost as much as £20,000.

Cobain gave the drawing which features the late Nirvana frontman with a guitar and the self-penned caption ‘I don’t know how to play and I don’t give a hoot!’, to photographer Jacque Chong while on tour in Singapore in 1992.

This follows the sale of a strand of Cobains hair which went for auction last month for £10,000.

Friend and fan, Tessa Osbourne, gave Cobain a haircut in Birmingham, England and she then gave a single lock to Seattle artist Nicole DePolo following the death of the musician by suicide in 1994.

The listing read: “This one-of-a-kind artifact is entirely fresh-to-market and accompanied by an impeccable lineage of provenance including images of Kurt posing with the woman who cut this hair, scissors in hand, and a fantastic shot of the hair actually being cut!

Last year a 1959 Martain d-18E guitar used by the rocker during seminal Unplugged in new York performance in 1993 just  five months before his death sold for £4.2 million, breaking the previous record of  £2.8 million for a  Fender Stratocaster used by Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour. 

Australian Peter Freeman, CEO of RODE microphone is the lucky buyer of Kurt’s guitar.

Freeman said he plans to display the guitar on a worldwide tour where all proceeds from the exhibiting the guitar will go to the embattled preforming arts industry.

Peter Freeman said:

“When I heard that this iconic guitar was up for auction, I immediately knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure it and use it as a vehicle to spotlight the struggles that those in the performing arts are facing and have always faced.

“The global arts industry has been shattered by the impact of COVID-19, with musicians and artists being amongst the most affected,” added Freeman. “The last few months were the straw that broke the camel’s back, and for many in the arts have brought forth the harsh reality that they work in an industry for which there is little support in times of need.”

The cardigan Kurt wore at the unplugged show was also sold at auction for £ 334,000

According to the auction houses Instagram described the unwashed sweater as “a blend of acrylic, mohair and Lycra with five-button closure (one button absent), with two exterior pockets, a burn hole and discoloration near left pocket and discoloration on right pocket”

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