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Marcus Armitage Breaks World Record for Longest Golf Hit into a Moving Car

WATCH: Marcus Armitage and Paul O’Neill break the World Record

For the best part of 9 years the record for the longest golf shot hit and caught in a moving car was held by F1 driver David Coulthard and golfer Jake Shepherd. Until European Tour golfer Marcus Armitage and Touring Car Driver Paul O’Neill broke the previous 273-yard record and set their own at 303 yards.

Marcus Armitage hit the ball down the runway at Elvington Airfield near York and nestled the ball in the passenger seat of the Moving BMW M8 Convertible driven by Paul O’Neill, which was traveling at 71mphs.

It took the pair a few attempts, after some failed efforts including one that was short of the original record, a few where the golf ball bounced off or out the cars and one where the ball smashed the windscreen of the car.

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