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Top 30 Things We Want to Last Longer

Foreign Office reveals low-risk holiday locations ahead of green list release

Fans of The Office (the American one, not the British classic) will be familiar with Andy Bernard’s quote “I wish there was a way to know you were in ‘the good old days’ before you’ve actually left them”. Brits are taking a similar attitude now following a year of restrictions, we are reflecting on things we love the most that we wish lasted just that wee bit longer.


The smell of the ocean mixed with sun cream, new experiences and sometimes new loves or friendships – nothing in the world beats a holiday.

We are so desperate to have a holiday this year even if we can’t go abroad. A recent survey by travel agency, Hoo, says that a massive 91% of people have already booked a holiday in Britain this year with 40% of those being a trip to the coast.

One in five admitted to planning to spend between £751-£1000 on their UK based summer holiday, bringing a much-needed economic boom as well as re-awakening those holiday memories.


For the past year that hasn’t been a time we’ve been on Twitter and not seen someone raving about their favourite show. We’ve had Line of Duty, Bridgerton, Wandavision, It’s a Sin, and Framing Britney Spears (#FreeBritney).

2021 has had a plethora of amazing TV shows and we have been happy to soak it all in. If only it went on for another few episodes…


We’ve all seen the obscene pictures of the queues of people waiting to get into Ikea when it re-opened or the hordes of people sick of looking at their homes, running to B&Q wanting to do something – anything! To freshen up the house.

There’s nothing better than getting something new to liven up your living space – especially when you avoid the arguments and manage to put together that pesky bookcase first time, no spare screws, no leftover pieces – just pure perfection.


From the raucous birthday parties to the laidback family BBQ, we are all sorely missing time spent making memories with our family.

If nothing else, the pandemic will teach us that when we do have that precious time together to hold our loved ones that bit tighter, tell your family you love them and make the most of every second.

Check out the full list below of 30 things Brits wish lasted longer what would you add to the list?

1. A holiday
2. Summer
3. The weekend
4. Your favourite TV series
5. A good book
6. Sunsets
7. A treat such as a slice of cake or fresh pastry
8. A bank holiday
9. Days off with no plans
10. A lie-in on a Sunday morning
11. Time with children
12. Sex
13. A family dinner
14. Your birthday
15. Sunrises
16. Your children’s childhood
17. Ice creams
18. Weekday evenings
19. Your favourite film
20. A first kiss
21. Time with grandchildren
22. Your wedding day
23. The feeling you get from having the first beer on a Friday after a long work week
24. The ‘newborn’ baby stage
25. The feeling of satisfaction when you assemble something correctly
26. The feeling of your team scoring a last-minute winner
27. Your lunchbreak
28. Line of Duty
29. Your favourite album
30. A sweet

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