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Jim Fairlie Elected for Perthshire South & Kinross-shire

SNP’s Jim Fairlie has been elected in the Perthshire South and Kinross-shire constituency in the 2021 Scottish Parliamentary Election.

Mr Fairlie spoke to supporters gathered and with emotion in his voice spoke of his love for his hometown of Perth and the people who have supported him.

Family gathered around the stage and following his acceptance speech, Jim Fairlie ran to hug his wife and bump elbows with supporters.

Speaking to Heartland FM following his election, Mr Fairlie said:

“It’s been a remarkable campaign.

“It’s not what you expect as a first-time candidate to be going into something where you are so restricted and you’ve seen campaigns in the past for what you’re looking for as engagement, and yet we’re all stuck indoors so yeah, particularly in the early stages, it was very difficult,

“The turn out has been fantastic. The political engagement that we’re starting to see in Scotland and the Scottish Parliament relations, I think is vital As we move forward. So, yes, the big numbers coming out the one in equal voice help and that’s probably in for democracy, and democracy being the important thing.

“I will work my socks off, for the people of this constituency. They are the people that I was brought up with. So I will be doing everything I can to make sure I present them so that they know that they’re being listened to.”

Following voting on Thursday 6th May 2021, Bells Sports Centre in Perth turned into headquarters of the count. Perthshire North was counted and announced on Friday 7th May with John Swinney MSP being successfully re-elected.

In the 2021 Scottish Parliament election, the Perthshire South constituency ballots totalled 44,217 which represented a 69.8% turnout in comparison to 2016 when 36,149 votes were cast representing turnout of 60.9%

The count at Bells Sports Centre began in earnest at 9am on Saturday 8th May for the Perthshire South Constituency.

Previously, SNP’s Roseanna Cunningham had taken this seat being elected in 2011 and 2016. Cunningham announced she would not stand in the 2021 Scottish Parliament Election.

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