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John Swinney MSP Pledges Support to Businesses in Highland Perthshire

Returning Perthshire North MSP, John Swinney has pledged his continued support of businesses in Highland Perthshire through post-pandemic recovery.

Following the announcement of his re-election on Friday 7th May, Heartland FM spoke to Mr Swinney about his plans to support Highland Perthshire.

John Swinney said:

“We’ve been taking steps through a very difficult period to do all that we can to support businesses to navigate their way through all of these challenges.

“We have put in place financial support we’ve assisted many businesses in Highland Perthshire already and we’re working collaboratively to try to make sure that we can return business activity and to make sure that businesses are able to resume their activities.

“We have of course to do that safely and that’s where I work very closely with the business community to make sure that can be done.

“I assure the business community of my continued sustained interest in their well-being and I will engage directly with the business community as I have done over the course of the pandemic, to make sure that their concerns are addressed and I’m able to provide the practical support to address any issues that any business happens to raise as well.”

Mr Swinney was returned as MSP for Perthshire North with 19,860 – representing 49.3% share of votes.

Following the retirement of Rosanna Cunningham, Mr Swinney is now the longest serving member in the Scottish Parliament.

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