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VIDEO: John Swinney Speaks about Education, Rural Broadband, Dirty Camping

WATCH: John Swinney speaks with Ramsay Beattie about why he’s running for the Perthshire North seat

Our reporter, Ramsay Beattie, recently spoke to John Swinney, currently serving as Deputy First Minister, about his campaign for the Perthshire North seat in the upcoming Scottish election. We invited residents in Highland Perthshire to submit their questions about the local area, and put some of those questions forward to John Swinney in our interview.

Some of the issues covered include dirty camping in Highland Perthshire, broadband for local rural communities, seasonal workers in post-Brexit Britain, and concerns over Scotland’s education record.

Watch the full, exclusive interview with Heartland FM now. And stay tuned for more, as we speak to more Highland Perthshire candidates in the upcoming Scottish election.

See the full candidate list for your area, and find more of our election coverage, on our Scottish Election 2021 page.

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