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Local Radio Day Celebrations – We ‘Love Our Place’

Today, Friday 15th October marks the sixth annual Local Radio Day with the theme being ‘Love Your Place’ and here on Heartland FM, we are shining the spotlight on residents and business owners around Highland Perthshire to share what they love about their area.

Heartland FM Chairman, Graham Huggins, said:

“As chairman of Heartland Multimedia, I would like to say how much we welcome the opportunity that Local Radio Day gives us to show how much we love our community and its environment.

“During today, we will demonstrate just how many activities, characters, and places of interest there are in Highland Perthshire so enjoy the day.”

Local Radio has played a key role over the last year in keeping communities connected and up to date. The team at Heartland FM although working remotely continued to broadcast daily and provide news and entertainment to the area.

Heartland FM has also been recognised for the work over the last year in being shortlisted in four categories in the Community Radio Awards taking place on 23rd October.

Throughout the day on Heartland FM, you can catch a range of interviews from local business owners and residents – even some very new residents.

Charlie and Maggie

Charlie & Maggie moved to Pitlochry only three weeks ago and spoke with Heartlands own Alistair Smith on what tempted them to move North of the border and join the community in Pitlochry.

Charlie said:

“We’ve cycled up here quite a lot, so we knew a bit about it but then coming back we wanted the scenery, we wanted the weather.

“The geography, the hills, I like the river, the lochs it’s just phenomenal and the fact that it’s a community that’s vibrant in Pitlochry. There’s plenty to do, plenty to get involved in – that’s what attracted me.”

“I met up with a friend of mine, a Gaelic speaker from Skye. He was telling me that in Gaelic, people don’t ask ‘Where do you come from?’ the translation in Gaelic is ‘where do you fit?’ and that’s important coming into a town like Pitlochry. You see yourself fitting into a community like this.”

Maggie said:

“The thing that really struck me about Pitlochry was for quite a small town it punches way above its weight in terms of community. When we have visited, people have made us feel so welcome.

“Everybody said to us ‘oh yeah, it’s a great place to come and live’ so obviously that influences your decision.”

Andrew Symington from Edradour Distillery shared his love of the town adding:

“Pitlochry, I think is a nice Victorian town. Before I lived here, when I lived in Edinburgh, whenever I had visitors, I always brought them up here to show them to show them Edradour. It was such a picturesque distillery. I even had dreams of owning it.

“I’ve been here 19 years, it’s kind of my place now.”

Judith Dingwall of the Pitlochry & Moulin Community Support Group said:

“We’re all so privileged to have this wonderful place in our lives.

“I grew up here, so I feel very fortunate. It’s only as you get older you realise and appreciate how fortunate we are living here.

“I moved to Pitlochry when I was four years old, and my father and my grandmother lived here before that so it’s always part of me.”

Amy Liptrott from Pitlochry Festival Theatre said:

“What I love about Pitlochry…well, the theatre. This is one of the reasons I moved up to the area – to work at the theatre. It’s an extraordinary venue, an extraordinary place that’s had 70 years of just brilliant theatre it’s brilliant being the heart of the community.

“Nature – It’s so beautiful around here especially at this time of year with the leaves turning you’re getting green and orange and yellow and red on the same tree – it’s just brilliant.”

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