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A new exercise bounces into Highland Perthshire

Have you ever fancied doing Cardio wearing a Ski Boot with a Spring? Well now you can.

Carrie Roderick has begun teaching classes wear participants dance and complete cardiovascular exercise while wearing a Kangaroo Jumps boot.

The Kangaroo jumps boot was originally designed as an orthopaedic tool to aid with knee, hip and back injuries but has since been developed into a tool for exercising.

Carrie Roderick explains how she got involved with this bizarre form of exercise, “I’d never ever heard of It until classes started where I used to live in Wales. So, I went along to the classes and absolutely loved them, It’s the first exercise that I’ve actually really enjoyed doing and stuck at.”

“And then we moved to Scotland, well, to Aberfeldy six years ago and there was nothing, no classes like this around here. Everybody is so sporty and into their fitness up here and I thought, I really want to bring it to the area and get everyone to try it so and I went and got qualified and started the classes in April.”

Carrie runs hour long classes in Pitlochry, Dunkeld and Aberfeldy, and explains that these classes can be pretty intense but rewarding, “Well, you burn 20% more calories than you would, doing the same workout because you’re doing them on the boots, and because you’re having to balance the whole hour, it’s really good for your posture and your balance, coordination, and it increases your cardiovascular endurance, It boosts your immune system, It’s brilliant for fat loss, It’s just an overall really good feeling at the end of it, and you leave the class, this is probably not going to sell it, but absolutely dripping in sweat. Such a good workout.”

More information about the classes, times and locations can be found on Facebook.

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