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Aberfeldy Multi Sports Festival Raring for August Go

The Aberfeldy Multi Sports Festival organisers are looking forward to getting underway in August, with the event set for the 21st and 22nd.

With the majority of Scotland, and importantly the Perth and Kinross council area it means that Covid restrictions are now looking more favourable for the event running with a decent level of participants.

Event organiser Richard Pearson explains what the restrictions mean for the event,

“Obviously we’re really pleased that that we’ve gone into Level 0 now. The restrictions are less around the event but that doesn’t mean that we are not going to put COVID save protocols in place.”

“we will be using staggered starts to allow for physical distancing. We’ll be setting athletes off in smaller groups, depending on which event. It can range from groups of 50 up to groups of 100 depending on the type of event and also we’ll be putting in an additional cleaning regime.”

“We’ll be putting sanitising stations in across the event, and we’ll also be keeping a close eye on the on the event guidance in terms of face coverings and at the moment that detail isn’t all clear yet, but we will keep across all that detail.”

The Multi Sports festival runs across two days, the first holding Go Swim Loch Tay, which offers a variety of Swimming events from 250 metres up to 3 kilometres, alongside the 10km Drummond Hill Trail Run. The second day is for the main event. The triathlon begins with a 1900 metre open water swim, before a 90-kilometre bike ride and ending with a 21-kilometre run.  

There are some spaces available, and anyone interested can register on www.aberfeldytriathlon.com

Richard explains that the festival plan to work with the communities, to limit the impact “we’ve already started talking to local businesses and also talking to community councils in Kenmore and in Aberfeldy.”

“We are also going to start to talk to residents along the route that are going to be particularly affected. But we are not closing any roads and there will be times during the events that people might be delayed slightly as their travelling around the around the area. But we are not going to be closing any roads.”

Volunteers play a huge part in the running of the event, as Richard explains that “volunteers are gold to us, they are fantastic. They are the ones that really helped to deliver the event and so if anybody’s interested in volunteering, there are various different roles”

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Richard at rwpearson@btinternet.com and find out about the roles.

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