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Aberfeldy RFC’s New Women’s Team

LISTEN: Chloe Bennett shares how the team have formed and grown over the past year

Aberfeldy Rugby add another piece to the puzzle with the Women’s Rugby team, which was launched in September 2020, but with restrictions lifting the team are continuing to grow.

The team which trains at Wades Park in Aberfeldy on a Wednesday, have continued to grow since its taster session and creation, with contact now being added to the training sessions.

Chloe Bennett who is the Women’s representative for the Rugby team, explains that since the early taster sessions the players have really started to develop their skill set,

“It’s incredible to see. We’ve been learning different skills we’ve been learning about touch rugby, we’ve just newly introduced contact, obviously under the regulations from the SRU and the Scottish Government.”

“We weren’t actually able to do it, but now we can and it’s actually seeing that the confidence grows within the girls, and it was a social element, we didn’t really talk to each other when we first came along, it was quite quiet whereas now it’s quite animated.”

“People are really coming out of their comfort zone and getting involved. So, the skill set has gone from I wouldn’t say zero, but definitely lower and it’s getting better and better each week.”

Women’s Rugby is a quickly growing sport, with television channels beginning to give more television time to the game either on terrestrial channels or digital platforms, with the delayed 2021 Women’s Rugby World Cup in New Zealand set to air on ITV when it runs in October 2022.

Chloe explains the level of competition in Highland Perthshire isn’t quite there yet, but the outlook is hopeful, “In regard to people that are maybe at the same level as us, I don’t think there’s a huge amount of competition out there just now. But it’s something that we’ll look to potentially get involved in.”

Anyone who want to get involved with the team can get in contact with the club via the Facebook page, which is also regularly updated with training times.

Aberfeldy RFC will have a game between the Men’s team and Aberfeldy and Friends on July 24th at Wades Park, which they also aim to feature some touch rugby from the Women’s team and Youth team.

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