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Aberfeldy RFC’s Summer Camps

Aberfeldy RFC continue with their ongoing development with two Summer Camps over the summer. The first a Multi Sports Camp will run from July 12th to 16th and the second will a Rugby specific one will run the first week of August.

There are spaces still available for both which will take place at Wades Park in Aberfeldy and run from 10am until 12pm. It costs £10 for the full week or £15 for both.

Aidan Kerr, the development officer for Aberfeldy RFC who organised the sessions explains what is planned for each of the camps,

“The first week is starting on Monday coming. It’s going to be more of a multi sports camp, so there’s going to be some rugby, there’s going to be some rounders, some football, just a bit of everything to get kids to be active during the summer.”

“We are also running a rugby specific camp, It was initially going to be at the week following it, but we’ve rearranged that to be at the start of August. And again, it’s going to be from 10 till 12 in the morning. It’s going to be more rugby specific, so will be working on skills and lots of games similar to what we do in our youth rugby sessions just now.”

Space across the days are limited due to Covid regulations and Aidan explains what the club will be doing to make sure that everyone is keep safe, “the max numbers are at 30, so have capped them so we can’t have too many people there. There’s limited contact with the balls, everyone encouraged that they have kind of drone bowl for the most of it and then at the end of the old equipment, get sanitised and cleaned and stored away for 24 hours before its re used.”

There are spaces available and anyone who wants there young person to go along and attend can get in touch via the Facebook page, or sign them up on the Eventbrite pages;

Multi Sports Camp July 12th – 16th: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/aberfeldy-rfc-multi-sports-week-12th-16th-july-tickets-160337905993?fbclid=IwAR3DyH_WfyjgAljnMNqhDYIuW2ZFJ69Utxra6apnpq_U1tESLd4LWU9LuCw

Rugby Specific Camp – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/aberfeldy-rfc-british-and-irish-lions-week-19-23rd-july-tickets-160339290133?fbclid=IwAR19EFnZI03WBLwGVqo63xCUPdfRn3GLA9k6jpbGv88uL_0lxoP0yXqgbXw

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