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Formula One to come to Highland Perthshire

Formula One cancels Russian Grand Prix following invasion of Ukraine

Highland Perthshire has been selected to host a Formula One race from next season. The race meeting will be held the weekend immediately after Silverstone, as part of a plan to reduce the sports carbon footprint.

A special event will be held at Pitlochry town hall on the 31st of April 2022, where fans will be able to come along see the proposed track, meet stars and get their photo taken with some of the cars.

Organiser of the Highland Perthshire Grand Prix Miss Fool said: “Hosting a grand prix in Highland Perthshire is a real honour. The race will be a real boost to tourism in the area as fans flock from around the world.

“With our extensive local sponsorship partners, I believe we can make this the best grand prix on the calendar and cement Highland Perthshire places on the calendar for years to come.”

April Fool who is the chair of the Trickedu also hinted that the grand prix wasn’t the only major event she was hoping to bring to the area: “We have so many amazing resources in the area including our lochs and rivers which would be a great location for the boat race, not to mention the potential of a rally stage up in the hills and of course our soon to be largest stadium in the world at Wades Park, where we can hold world cups, and stadium tours.”

For more information visit Trickedu’s official website https://www.google.com/

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