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Highland Perthshire Cycling Perthshire E-Bike Enablement Project

Highland Perthshire Cycling’s (HPC) Perthshire E-bike enablement project (PEEP) aims to create a corridor of e-bike charging points in Highland Perthshire.

E-bike technology has a limited range and by place charging points in places where users can get lunch while the bike charges HPC are hoping to reduce the anxiety around the range while enabling the growing popularity of e-bikes.

Mike Stead from Highland Perthshire Cycling explains the need for the project: “e-bikes are extremely popular, around 70 to 80 per cent of all bikes sold in the Highland Perthshire region are now e-bikes.

“Anyone who’s ridden one knows that it’s impossible not to smile when you get on an e-bike that is so fantastic.

“The hills disappear, the headwinds disappear, and you can have a fantastic time without breaking a huge sweat, but the problem is of course the batteries only last sort of 30/40 miles.

“So, if you do want to go a long way, or if you want to ride for a long time, that’s a challenge.

Highland Perthshire Cycling are awaiting the result of grant funding to get the project underway, with the first step, being the purchase and installation of atleast three of these charging station, where riders can leave their bikes to charge locked up and secure without removing the battery.

The first proposed locations are Dunkeld, Grandtully and Aberfeldy, to create a corridor across Highland Perthshire that will make the region more accessible via e-bike.

Even though e-bikes have a minimum range of 30 miles, the PEEP charging stations will be spaced closer together. This is to facilitate travel from any direction, at any distance, being able to reach the desired destination.

E-bikes typically charge from flat to 50% in an hour and be fully charged in around 2.5 hours.  So, a cyclist arriving at a destination with a half-full battery can be assured of a full charge within 90 to 120 minutes. They will therefore plan their stay in that location around a meal, a visitor experience, shopping, visiting friends/family, or a combination of these.

PEEP proposes to use the combination of a proven urban parking and securing design, from Canadian company Velovoute, paired with charging technology from Austrian company Bike Energy, to create a structure which can charge pretty much any modern e-bike, with data collection on use by brand, date, time and charge amount.

More information on the Perthshire E-Bike Enablement Project can be found at https://sites.google.com/highlandperthshirecycling.com/peep/home

To find out about the other two companies involved, Velovoute – https://www.velovoute.com/ and Bike Energy – https://bike-energy.com/

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