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New Pitlochry Walking Football Team

A Pitlochry man is looking to set up a Walking Football team in Pitlochry. Kenny Davidson is looking for people who would be interested in joining the team.

Walking football is what it sounds like. It slows football down by removing the running and keeping the ball on the ground and removing tackling.

Kenny Davidson who is looking to start the team explains that walking football: “it’s basically football for the older man or older woman, or someone that’s my age who has health issues, that can’t enjoy normally football anymore.” 

Walking football is described by the Walking Football association as a “unique small-sided ball game”. It was created in 2011 by John Croot and now has over 400 clubs registered with the WFA.

Walking football comes with a wide range of health benefits, such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke while improving blood pressure. It can also be shown to have positive changes in postural balance and resting heart rate.

There are also a range of mental health benefits, most prominent is the high levels of personal reward and satisfaction and reduced levels of stress and exertion while playing, despite working physically hard.

Walking football also gives an often-isolated section of the community the chance to become involved in something they really enjoy, make new friends, form lasting relationships with like-minded people and generally improve their social circle and overall quality of life, often making them feel less isolated and more a part of the wider community.

Mr Davidson said that the reason behind why he was wanting to set up the walking football team was: “I’m very passionate about football and I played quite a bit in my younger days. But now obviously as we get a bit older and health problems and can’t enjoy football as much because you have to run after a ball.”

“I was intrigued with it because down south it’s taken off so well and I could see there was a lot of towns and cities getting right into it and I thought well why not Pitlochry.”  

The rule say that you need six players aside for competitions, but Mr Davidson is looking to get at least 10 who can meet up and discuss the rule and have a chat about the game.

Anyone who is interested in finding out more or is interested in playing Walking Football can contact Kenny Davidson at kennythehighlander@hotmail.co.uk.

More information on Walking football can be found by visiting https://thewfa.co.uk/

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