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New Women’s Walking Football Team in Perthshire

A group of enthusiastic women have teamed up with Jeanfield Swifts Community Football Club, to create the Jeanfield Swifts Women’s Walking Football team.

With the female football pathway at Jeanfield Swifts now running from age 6 all the way through, with no upper limit, this new addition will add a place for those who still want to be active but maybe want to play at a slow speed and have a lower risk of injury. Making this a logical step forward for women’s sport.

Joan Masterson one of the players and organisers of the merger, tells us how important it is for there to be a women’s team in Perthshire, “It’s been a challenge of a year for everybody and women in particular, these days are really busy they are working, they are looking after families and maybe looking after parents depend on what age they are. For older ladies, older women tend to deal with the menopause, and come into walking football, at least for one hour a week, maybe more if you do the competitive route, but for at least one hour a week, I guarantee you will forget all about your daily worries and problems and switch off while you’re on the pitch.”

The Covid pandemic has caused a huge upset in routine for everyone, with months of lockdowns and limited physical activity and while some people will want to be back to running around, that’s not for everyone and some may want an activity at a slower pace.

As Joan explains there are a range of health benefits to walking football, “We’ve had women in the team over the last few years with huge positive physical benefit, We’ve had type one diabetics managing to stabilize blood sugar levels.”

“We’ve got women who are shaving 15-20 years of their biometric age, incidental weight loss, you know the women said they weren’t even trying and I’m losing weight. Now that’s far more advantageous than sticking to horrible diets and punish yourself that way.”

The team is open to women of all ages who are looking for Fun, Fitness and Friendship, as well as those looking for a competitive aspect as well.

Jeanfield Swifts Women’s Walking Football takes place on the astro pitch at North Inch Community Campus every Wednesday night from 7-8pm and thanks to the SFA funding will be a free activity for the first ten weeks, the club are currently on week 4 of those 10 weeks. New players are welcome, and no experience is necessary.

Anyone looking to join should contact jeanfieldswiftscommunityclub@gmail.com for further details and to register your interest in having a go or joining in.

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