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Nordic Walking in Highland Perthshire

Nordic Walking can have a lot of Health and Wellbeing benefits and Eilidh Patterson who runs Nordic Walking Highland Perthshire is running her latest series of Beginners workshops in June.

As Eilidh explains “Nordic walking is a full body exercise using specially designed poles,” that “combines elements of cross-country skiing with your normal walking techniques.”

There are a lot of Health and Wellbeing benefits to Nordic Walking, from the physical benefits of the activity to the wellbeing aspects of being in the outdoors.  Eilidh explains that the “immediate benefits a lot of people feel will feel is your posture. Posture is really key in Nordic Walking, so you’re having to stan up straight, a lot of similarities with people who do Pilates. I’ve got a lot of walkers who do Pilates and yoga, and the core element and the posture is key in both forms of exercise.”

You can read more about the health benefits of Nordic Walking in this month’s edition of Iris.

There are also a number of wellbeing advantages to Nordic Walking and being outside among people as Eilidh explains, “the social interaction was a huge benefit in the early days of my business and starting up and it still is today. the Nordic walking because, it’s not a high intensity sort of exercise, you can still have a good chat while you’re out for a walk, but still get a good workout.”

Nordic Walking Highland Perthshire run monthly beginner sessions which in June take place on the 11th, 12th, 19th, and 20th and run from 10am to 2pm in Blair Atholl. These sessions are a great way to get a feel for the sport and learn the basic techniques.

Eilidh tells us what one of these sessions contains, we “teach people the Nordic walking technique through a 10-step method. So, this beginner’s workshop introduces Nordic walking, gets you used to the polls, there a lot different to hiking poles, so it just gets you used to them.  we spend the first couple of hours learning the technique and I just go through the steps. (…) so, we spend the first couple of hours working our way through those 10 steps we then have a little bit of a break, and then after that we head out on a walk.”

Information about the beginner classes can be found on Facebook or on the Website, with both of these giving information about how to contact and get in touch with them.

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