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Pitlochry Bowling Club Crown Singles Champions

Pitlochry Bowling Club crowned their 2021 Gents and Ladies singles champions on Saturday 25th September. Niel Haggart and Evelyn Humphry were crowned champions after two close matches.

With all bowls suspended last season because of the COVID pandemic, it’s good to see clubs return to normal, with members of the club coming down to show their support and enjoy the matches.

Niel Haggart won the Gents singles for the third time as he saw off newcomer Campbell Durnian in 19 ends to claim a 21-to-13-point victory. While Evelyn Humphry came out victorious in a long match lasting 24 frames as she defeated Lynn Atwell by 21 points to 11.

Pitlochry Bowls President Val Wilson explained that “they are worthy champions. They’ve both won before, Niel is a very good and consistent player and Evelyn as well.”

Pitlochry will close their outdoor season next weekend, before moving indoors for a short mat season, with outdoor play set to return in March 2022.

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