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World Bungee Jump Record Obliterated in Highland Perthshire

The world record for the most Bungee Jumps recorded in a 24-hour window has been broken in Highland Perthshire by Frenchman Francois-Marie Dibon, who completed 765 jumps from the Highland Fling Bungee Platform under Garry Bridge.

Mr Dibon broke the previous record of 430 jumps, which was held by New Zealander Mike Heard in 2017, by completing his 431st jump just over 12 hours in. After taking a break for 50 minutes he resumed to jump through the night and record the new record.

Speaking after the jumps Mr Dibon said: “I did not doubt we could do it”

“Not with the team around me from Highland Fling Bungee. We have been building a performance for some time. We were lucky and blessed that it worked well.

“There are so many people I could thank. Everyone who I have met in my life have brought me something that has led me to this point. I am very grateful.

“When I knew it was the last jump, I actually wanted to keep going. I don’t feel the tiredness yet. I feel the excitement of completing this record with the team. I still feel the collective energy. The tiredness will catch up later.”

A team of 15 Highland Fling Bungee Jumpmasters worked to support Mr Dibon, working in four-hour long shifts. While Mr Dibon rested after jump 431, the team swapped out elasticated bungee cord for safety, before assisting him in smashing the record.

Upon completion of jump 765, Mr Dibon and the Jumpmasters celebrated on the platform to Queen’s, ‘We are the Champions’.

Francois-Marie Dibon’s final Jump
Francois-Marie Dibon with his official certificate.
Francois-Marie Dibon completed 765 jumps from the Highland Fling Bungee platform under Garry Bridge.
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