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£1 Million Fund Aims to Support Small Towns Recover from Lockdown

Phil Prentice, Photo Credit: Sandy Young

LISTEN: Phil Prentice explains how businesses and organisations in small towns access funding to support their post-lockdown recovery

Towns and villages in Highland Perthshire have been some of the hardest hit areas in Scotland after the COVID-19 pandemic, expected trade from tourism only came later in the year which has had a big affect on the rural economy.

Now a fund can be accessed by businesses and small organisations in small towns and villages to support them come out of the lockdown restrictions.

Chief Executive for Scotland’s Town Partnership, Phil Prentice, said: “It’s a one million pound fund complementing the ongoing Scotland Loves Local campaign, really it’s a new fund to try and encourage smaller towns and community groups to come together and apply for small grants that will just help them enable re-opening of their high streets.

“But very much trying to reach out to the smaller towns across Scotland, it’s really the smaller settlements, places like Blairgowrie or Aberfeldy that maybe have community groups or small trader groups within the town. It’s that scale of project that we’re trying to support now.”

The grants offered range from a sum of £500 to £5,000 from a pot of £1 million which aims to support the local recovery of Scotland’s economy.

It hopes to do this by funding social distancing measures, PPE for staff and hand sanitising equipment.

Communities Secretary Aileen Campbell added: “This fund will help initiatives supporting businesses, such as projects to encourage safe shopping, business and leisure opportunities, promoting and advertising local providers of online shopping or enhancing visitor appeal.

“We all have a part to play in Scotland’s economic recovery and can do so, whilst we look out for one another and follow the FACTS guidance.”

To find more information on the fund and how to apply, follow the link for more: https://www.scotlandstowns.org/scotland_loves_local_fund_application_form_and_guidance

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