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17-year-old Gregor Graham Wins Highland Open Golf Championship

Blairgowrie’s own Gregor Graham, aged 17, stole the championship after winning with a 6 & 4 over Pitlochry Country player Willy Hutton.

Graham says he’s been playing since he can’t really remember, having been coming to the Pitlochry Golf course since he was nine or ten, he described todays victory as ‘great’, especially for his first time.

When asked if people looking as a star of the future puts a lot of pressure on him, Graham answered: “I think it helps me a little bit, just because of confidence and I quite like the sound of it to be fair.

“And I hope I can carry on the sound of that to be fair.”

Winning such an early victory into his career, Graham has his eyes set on a career in golf.

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His first move is to study in America, where he’s planning on studying for two years in Midlands Texas.

These first two years will be spent at a junior college then another two years in another university.

Graham explained: “It’s a totally different standard going from junior to amateur to then professional.

“It’s just stepping-stones for me and I’m just going to take it one step at a time and see where it takes me.

“Still got plenty years to go, so just trying to get my game better and better.”

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Safety is one of the Opens biggest concerns this year, measures have been taken to ensure that the championship kept within the guidelines.

Winners were all suitably distanced at the awards and every necessary precaution was taken.

Chief executive of Pitlochry Golf Course, Stephen Carruthers, said: “One of the reasons we put it on was to basically say that we’re still here and we’re on.

“Only four weeks ago did we decide to go ahead and run the tournament, we managed to get 98 entries.”

Not only was today a great success, but Mr Carruthers believes Pitlochry has a bright future in golfing ahead.

He explained: “Most people wouldn’t say I’m an optimist, but I’m an optimist about this.

“I feel good we’ve had new members this year, we’ve a good entry this week.

“The clubs very, very, healthy, lots of people are out on the golf course today, tee times are taken up both here and Blair Atholl.”

“So yeah, looking to the year ahead I’m very optimistic actually.”

LISTEN: Highland Golf Open Tournament Director – Gary Casey

Today’s event took the work of not only Mr Carruthers but many other hands at work, professional coach and golfer, Gary Casey helped organise the event.

He told Heartland Multi-Media: “There’s a lot of work gone into it, 102nd Highland Open, so it was a shame not to do it this year.

“But, yeah, it was great, considering we thought it might not even be on.”

Across Mr Casey’s career he’s seen golf courses from all over, but he had special praise for the estate team behind preparing the green ahead of the competition.

He remarked: “Its tremendous, it’s a really beautiful place, even just to walk, never mind just to play golf.

“I’ve been a pro at a few different courses, but I’ve never been anywhere when people come off they’re almost flabbergasted by the scenery and everything else. We are lucky.”

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This is the 102nd golf open held by the Pitlochry golf club who were greeted by glorious weather for this year’s competition.

Referee for the open, John Ministrer, said: “The scenery and the company is always excellent.

“It’s not just simply a great sporting event, it’s a great social event.”

Having refereed for over twenty and more years, Mr Ministrer added: “Going back years, we used to have limit of 180 at the competition and there was some concern that the numbers had fallen away in the last few years.

“And that was the reason that the tournament organisers moved the competition from August, which was its traditional date almost around the 12th, to September.

“Accommodation was getting very difficult for the golfers.”

This came at fortunate timing for the club, if the competition had gone ahead on the original date it wouldn’t have been able to happen.

Mr Ministrer explained further that: “We were delighted and surprised that we were able to go ahead.

“And its been a great week, people will remember this glorious sunny day.”

LISTEN: Highland Golf Open 2nd Plate Winner – Gordon Stronach Full Interview

Gordon Stronach won this year’s plate two, he agreed that the weeks play was top class after months without much time on the green.

He said: “The spirit of the game was played in a very good manner.”

Although, unlike Greggor Graham, this was not his first victory at the Open.

Mr Stronach said: “I’ve put my name on that same plate two years ago.” Which makes this his second victory in two years.

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