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24-Hour Rapid COVID Testing Comes to NHS Tayside

Photo Credit: Rodnae Productions

NHS Tayside are now offering ‘rapid testing’ throughout the day at Perth Royal Infirmary.

Running 24-hours a day, the infirmary is testing people across Highland Perthshire for COVID-19.

Respiratory Consultant and NHS Tayside’s Clinical Lead for Winter Planning Dr David Connell said: “Being able to quickly determine which patients coming into hospital have COVID-19 allows us to safely treat them in areas of the hospital dedicated to caring for people with the virus.

“This not only helps patients get the care they need more quickly, but also prevents spread of infection within the hospital.  

“Now that testing has been expanded to Perth Royal Infirmary it will make a massive difference to our patients and help us to care for them in the best way possible.”

The testing is being implemented so that patients can be taken care of best by the team, and as quickly as possible.

They say that this is already proving to be a success, Consultant Clinical Microbiologist, John Shone explained: “NHS Tayside virology was the third lab to implement widespread COVID-19 testing in Scotland and has been widely praised for its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

“Our teams have worked incredibly hard to provide a rapid service for suspected COVID-19 patients, and we are pleased to expand this even further thanks to the team at Perth Royal Infirmary.

“We are already starting to see the benefits of rapid testing for patients and this expansion can only help us further. There has been a lot of teamwork involved to get to today and I would like to thank the team for their dedication to make this happen.”

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