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A9 Dualling Moves to Single Lane Tomorrow, Lights Tonight

Photo Credit: Glen Wallace

From tonight (July 19th), Traffic Scotland are putting in temporary traffic light signals to manage traffic moving through the Luncarty to Pass of Birnam stretch of the A9.

These lights start at 7:30pm and finish at 6am the following day (July 20th) to help put in place a new layout which will direct traffic onto a single lane of the north and southbound carriageways.

A spokesperson for Transport Scotland said: “The new traffic management layout will allow traffic to travel in a single lane making use of both the new north and southbound carriageways and will result in the removal of the current contraflow arrangement.

“The new layout will allow finishing works to be undertaken to the barrier, signage, verges and other key elements of the works throughout the site.”

Police Scotland will be enforcing the 40mph speed restriction alongside the no overtaking rule on the road with average speed cameras.

Transport Scotland are asking drivers to take care on approach and follow the signage as they pass through the new layout.

More information on update to the A9 can be found on Transport Scotland’s website: https://trafficscotland.org/

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